Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fashion Forward: The High-Waist Skirt

By Courtney Jones

One of the best investments a woman can make in her wardrobe is having an item that gives her several options and maximum mileage. The high-waist skirt is the perfect staple item. It manages to accomplish being both retro and high-fashion. With a handful of tops, and a sleek high-waist skirt, the possibilities are endless.

The high-waist skirt is certainly a fashion must-have for the season. Its versatility makes it a wardrobe essential in every woman’s closet. Its timeless elegance can take a woman from business attire to evening-chic, and can carry you through any season, seamlessly.

For a professional look, the high-waist skirt can be paired with a short-length jacket or bolero and round-toe heels for an incredibly feminine look. For a party-perfect look, the high-waist skirt can be complimented by your favorite evening top, a long necklace, and knee-length boots. Certainly, almost any shoe can be worn with the high-waist skirt which makes any outfit you choose extremely easy-to-wear and completely customizable to your favorite look. With this trend becoming so popular, skirts are available in any color, fabric, and pattern you can imagine. From A-line to pencil, there’s a skirt to fit any shape.

For a classic look, try Rebecca Taylor’s basic black knit pencil skirt. For a shorter-length skirt, try Camilla Norback’s high-waist skirt. It features pleats and buttons that create an ultra-feminine look. If you’re looking for a splash of color, check out Sutton Studios wool pencil skirt in vibrant violet.

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