Friday, February 13, 2009

Drive a Bit More to a Big Box Store

By Millicent K. Brody

I, being a lover of good things to eat, remarked to a rather trendy buddy that I really loved the coffee cake she served the other night. "I was impressed," I said, "The coffee cake was fresh and delicious."

"Oh," she responded without batting an eye, "I have this wonderful baker. He ALWAYS bakes everything fresh for me. I just call, and he’ll reserve my request."

Always on the trail for something delicious, I happened to marvel at the baked goods set out on the shelf at a local Target. "Wow," I said to myself, "that label looks familiar. Where have I seen it before?"

And then it occurred to me, That was the very same cake my friend told me her local bakery baked especially for HER.

So, now we know, you too can visit your local Target and treat yourself to a new tee shirt and jacket as well as any of their fresh bakery products.

Another tip: I’d promised friends I'd prepare glazed corned beef for Super Bowl Sunday, but I honestly couldn't find enough first cuts of corned beef to feed I revised the menu and opted for brisket.
Touring our local supermarkets and butcher shops only proved that this would be a very costly dinner. Recalling that I’d seen one of our most respected restauranteurs shopping for veal at Costco, I headed for my local big-box store.

For a mere $17, I purchased a first cut brisket that easily fed my friends. Another friend entertained her pals on a beef tenderloin costing practically ‘Nothing’. She butchered the meat into delicious filet mignons, and everyone was happy.

In this time of tight budgets, you really should not have to take a second mortgage to feed friends and family. Simply search for alternatives.

Rather than preparing roast chicken for a crowd, some shop BJ’s, Whole Foods, Kings, and Garden of Eden Gourmet at 226 Washington Street in Hoboken, and 1-7 South Orange Ave., in South Orange. I’ve been told by many kitchen gourmets that it’s really cheaper to outsource your dinner party. For sure it’s less fuss and mess then preparing it in the comforts of your own kitchen. Most often, these kind gentlemen and ladies will platter your food for serving.

$$$$: Avoid crowds by shopping during the week. Check prices in your local supermarkets before heading to big box stores. Target’s private label is called Archer Farms.

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