Friday, March 13, 2009

Seafood Success

By Millicent K. Brody

It’s not always easy to guarantee a great meal in a restaurant, especially after not visiting the premises for more than a year. But, I’ve never been even slightly disappointed in Snappers, which we make sure to visit every time we’re down in Florida. Located at the end of a strip mall where several stores have been vacant for quite a few months, this particular restaurant takes pride in doing what they do best: serving “honest” fresh fish, daily. The menu also states that all entrees arrive with a house salad, crusty garlic and/or plain rolls, a choice of baked potato with butter and sour cream, a huge nest of French-fried potatoes, crabby fries, cole slaw, or a fresh vegetable. (Take note: The full-size sides and huge salad are included in the price of the entree.)

Although you must call ahead and make reservations for lunch and dinner, you can never assume that even with a guaranteed reservation, you’ll be sitting down to dinner at that appointed time. The restaurant is always jammed. I mean, not just a few people standing by the front door awaiting their table, or jamming one another at the entrance appointment desk, or needling the hostess for an exact seating time, or blocking the aisle with hopes that they’ll be next to be!

By six p.m. this worthy establishment has at least one hundred people hanging about the front door, waiting for those beloved words. "Table for Jon and Michael X!' And as you pardon your way through the enormous crowd, you wonder, how do they do it?
Meals are priced to suit every customer’s purse. The so-called “Free” Caesar salad served with the entree is much more than plentiful, and adds just the right touch to a reasonably priced bill.
Yes, the menu is loaded with lobster, shrimp, crabmeat, and mahi mahi served many different ways. But it also contains well-priced house favorites like Macadamia-crusted snapper; pistachio-crusted salmon; sole almondine dipped in a light batter, then rolled in almonds and broiled; and baked stuffed scrod with seafood dressing. Our all-time favorite is the cedar planked halibut-served with smashed potatoes. It’s priced at $21.95. Seafood entrees start at $15.95 and top-off at $21.95. Add a glass or two of house wine priced at $7.00 each, and excluding tax and tip, you've dined well for less than $65.00.

You simply cannot walk in on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and expect to get a table. You can plan ahead and call for reservations. Once seated, you’re apt to see the owner (who is also the executive chef), carrying a tray or two of food, cleaning the tables, carpet-sweeping the floor, and kibitzing with his clientele. He has discovered the secret of a successful restaurant. Great food served with style, friendly, courteous service, and prices that say, “We consider ourselves fortunate that you’ve found your way to our dining establishment.”

Tip: When visiting your favorite restaurant, try the seafood special of the day. That way, you're guaranteed to be eating the freshest fish!

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ensar said...

I totally agree with your entire description and "critique" of Snappers. It is, by far, the best of the best and I also must agree that I've never been disappointed. In addition, it is always worth the wait if need be.

Thanks for that Millicent, Snapper's deserves your wonderful review.