Friday, May 29, 2009

Color Mine Raging Red or Vibrant Pink

By Millicent K. Brody

It’s that time of year when all of us are in a barbecue and garden party mood. Regardless of whether it’s a Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, whenever there’s a gathering of friends and acquaintances, everyone appears in their summer casual best...or nearly best.

Whatever the day or occasion, it’s kind of a sharing affair where every guest simply wanders into the host and hostess’ front or back yard, carrying a platter filled with appetizers, or a board filled with cheese, or a hefty pot of something delicious they whipped up in their kitchen. And of course there’s always an array of delicious desserts.

Once settled, we all stand around sharing our latest news. Then, without a master plan, everyone gathers in a circle of outdoor chairs and chaises or lounge around a table filled with chilled cans, pitchers, and bottles of cool drinks paired with chips, dips, veggies, and cheese. And somehow, as we enthusiastically chat about what’s current with our immediate circle of family and friends, we casually gaze at the attire worn by some of the guests.

Of course there are those that are the essence of fashion who appear in the most stylish seasonal attire wearing only the best of Ralph or Lilly P. Then there are those that appear looking fantastic in whatever falls out of their closet. But lately, I am totally mesmerized by their interesting choice of footwear. Not really knowing what’s really “IN” (besides something gold and strappy), I’m blown away by the sight of these well-dressed fashion plates appearing in sneakers in colors of brilliant red, schoolbus yellow, bright glowing orange, roaring purple, electric chartreuse, green, and even midnight blue....with rhinestones. Yes, sneakers.

At a friend’s barbecue this past Sunday, our host greeted us in a stunning pair of bright lemon-yellow Nike sneakers. Of course every guest had something to say about his backyard barbecue attire. Certainly they were eye catching, for he paired his rollicking footwear with a catchy Yuengling tee shirt. ($20 on Ebay).

And as the afternoon turned into evening, he returned to his house, and reappeared in a really outrageous pair of multicolored “Children’s Day” shoes from Reebok, (Cost: $30 on Ebay.)

When I asked him what was up, he replied, “Price and The Fun Factor.”

Surely there must be something to it.

This spring, we attended a glorious wedding at a seaside resort. Although the ladies were dressed in chic black, each wore fishnet stockings and sneakers in assorted brilliant colors. One even went so far as to dye half her head of jet black hair brilliant purple. The Groomsmen appeared in formal gray jackets, wearing either green or purple ties, white socks, and you guessed it...colorful sneakers. It was certainly different, lots of fun, and added to the excitement of the occasion.

Sneakers fashioned in a conglomeration of every color you can think of appear to be the rage...somewhere. If it’s where you are, I hope you are having fun!

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