Friday, May 22, 2009

It’s Memorial Day Weekend: Time To Start Grilling!

By Millicent K. Brody

It’s almost the holiday weekend, and I know many of you are racing around trying to gather all of the ingredients for your Memorial Day backyard barbeque. Lucky for me, my son Michael is the grill master. I truly believe for an at-home burger, his can’t be beat! Taking a tip from his dad, we buy prime Black Angus beef. As we tend to shop at quality butchers like Hind and Fore in Bridgewater, John’s Meat Market in Scotch Plains, or supermarkets like Whole Foods, Kings, A & P, or Fairways, the butchers are really kind and do their best to cut our beef to perfection. Because we enjoy generous-sized burgers, we don’t pat them flat. Just before grilling, we always add a bit of Kosher salt and cracked pepper.

“Make sure your grill is piping hot,” Michael says. “Grill 5 minutes on each side. For a cheeseburger, thinly slice a Wisconsin cheddar and carefully layer it on to the burger. Toast crusty Italian rolls or quality burger rolls and have them ready to receive the beef. Platter your burgers and bring them to the table. Serve with homemade potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, and pickles. YUM!

My friend, Mr. Tom the Nascar Man, is of a different opinion. He says, “The flavor is in the fat. Buy fatty hamburger meat. “Before grilling your burgers, use your finger, and rake-off a teeny slab of Havarti cheese. Carefully, poke the cheese inside the burger. Add a dash of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, and place the meat on to the grill. For official burnt grill lines, be sure to turn the burgers every two minutes.”

As an appetizer or official “bar” food, you could go with a classic and serve chicken wings. Lightly toss wings in a bowl filled with Good Seasons Italian Dressing. Turn your oven on to 350 degrees. Toss chicken wings in a brown paper bag filled with Italian breadcrumbs. When fully coated, place the wings on a greased cookie sheet and pop into the oven. Let them bake for at least twenty minutes before turning. When wings turn golden brown and crispy, remove and serve with creamy blue cheese, celery sticks, and carrots. As Mr. Tom hails from Pottsville, Pennsylvania, he always has a refrigerator full of ice-cold Yuengling to share with his good buddies.

Monty the filet mignon man visits his friendly butcher, where he is known to buy prime beef cut 2 inches thick. After sprinkling with Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper, he fires up the grill to blazing hot. He times his steak and grills 4 minutes on each side. Monty serves his beef with specially baked potatoes, or French fries and a Caesar salad.

The secret?

He says, “There is no secret. I visit my butcher, and watch as he cuts me a slab of meat to suit the occasion.”

So what’s for dessert? Of course I include a fruit platter. But then I add a selection of ice cream in flavors of coffee, chocolate, and Cherry Garcia. Guests help themselves to hot fudge, fresh whipped cream, and jimmies.

Tell me, what could be better? Happy Holiday and Enjoy!

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