Friday, May 1, 2009

The Perfect Present

By Millicent K. Brody

These days the media is consumed with Mother’s Day. From shopping for her favorite perfume at the counter of your favorite department store, (where no doubt, they are offering a “free” gift), to selecting a bouquet of fresh flowers from the florist on the corner, or dining at any local restaurant, everyone wants YOU to come out and spend some hard earned dollars. In addition to it being Mother’s Day, spring appears to be the most popular time to celebrate an abundance of birthdays...which also means, of course, a present.

To be sure, restaurants are very much aware of Mom’s special day. Many are offering specially prix-fixe brunches, lunches, and dinners. Should you want to fete Mom at a special place, but really can’t see your way to spend, spend, spend, might I suggest you give the restaurant a call and ask if they are offering any incentives for the occasion? Another tip: Choose to celebrate Mother’s Day during the week, and take advantage of some worthy 3 course prix-fixe luncheons or dinners, then celebrate Sunday, May 10 at home with a family barbecue.

Do remember that whatever you choose to do will make your mom smile.

But what about the gift? I say, be practical. Almost everyone loves fresh flowers. What better way to fete your mom than with several hanging baskets or flats of varied colored plants to grow in her garden?

You could also volunteer your brute strength and offer to do the difficult jobs. Maybe spread the mulch, clean the garage, wipe down the porch furniture, plant a couple of rose bushes, or fill the bird feeders. (You could also gift her with a new bird feeder).

A dear friend is celebrating her birthday on the heels of Mother’s Day. She’s a savvy lady, and one who truly appreciates her garden. I know I could easily head to any of our favorite department stores or specialty shops and present her with a beautifully wrapped gift box. However, I decided, she really doesn’t need another sweater, necklace, purse, wallet, bracelet, or gold chain. I’m heading to our local nursery and treating her to several hanging baskets. I’ll be happy knowing she’s watching her garden grow.

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