Thursday, July 23, 2009

That's News to Me

By Judith Garfield

As you may have heard, newspapers seem to be going the way of the eight-track tape, but I still start my morning ritual with my perp walk to the end of the driveway to retrieve my New York Times.

There is nothing like a newspaper opened in front of you as you have your morning coffee. I find it a relaxing and effective way to de-stress. My time with the paper helps me deal with the constant pressure of thinking about what to make for dinner everyday and then thinking about ways to avoid making it.

Some of you might think I am out of touch to be actually reading a print edition of the paper, but I just can’t get into reading the newspaper online. I know it’s all there and it’s free, but for me reading the newspaper online is nowhere near as pleasant an experience. In fact, I find it rather annoying--too many links to follow, and I don’t like all that navigating. Besides, my favorite part about reading the paper is the random stories that you weren’t necessarily looking for, but hook you and suddenly you’re learning about countries you never even knew existed.

The ads in the newspaper are never intrusive. Nothing flashes, bounces, spins, or pops up and informs me I am the lucky winner of a gazillion dollars, or this is absolutely my last chance to “refinance”.

And soaking in the tub with your laptop is not an advisable activity.

Nor is holding your laptop over your head in a sudden downpour. No rolling it up to whack that annoying fly. You wouldn’t try to train your puppy to go on your laptop, and if you take your paper on the train or plane and someone steals it, it’s not grand theft.

Even though last year was the worst year on record for the U.S. newspaper industry, I am optimistic the printed-paper will survive. Call me sentimental. Or call me old fashioned. I predict reading the news digitally will never completely replace the newspaper.

Has anyone seen my Walkman?


Anonymous said...

Loveless cook:

I agree. I like the paper because it filters out what is really important from the riffraff. These days, with facebook and twitter and the like, everyone thinks what they are doing is news. Frankly, I do not get twitter. Since when is it news that so-and-so is going to eat a bologna sandwich? Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Dear Loveless Cook,
Once again, you have made some excellent observations. Thank you.
Although I don't get the New York Times, our local paper is filled with interesting information too, not to mention the many food coupons that come with the Sunday edition. I can spend hours on end finding fabulous deals on items like poptarts and tatertots, thus eliminating the need to cook from scratch ever again.
A Doylestown Fan

Anonymous said...

newspaper reading as stress reduction is an interesting concept.

happy birthday to george bernard shaw who said, "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

Anonymous said...

Hello Loveless Cook:

I couldn't agree more! How would I do my crossword puzzles on line? Or cover my head in a sudden downpour. Or cover my face when an acquaintance who loves to jabber gets on my morning train.
Let's hope the newspaper industry figures out how to compete in an electronic age.