Friday, September 4, 2009

Spending Labor Day with Livingston Bagel

By Millicent K. Brody

Believe it or not, the “official” final weekend of summer 2009 is here, and many of us are hosting one last summer party with family and friends. At my house, as we’ve done for many years, we’re celebrating with Sloppy Joes from Livingston Bagel.

Unlike the Sloppy Joes that arrive on soft, round, buns stuffed with mounds of sauteed ground beef, onions, green and sometimes red peppers, and your favorite brand of tomato sauce, Livingston Bagel Sloppy Joes are sure to wow the crowd.

Displayed on a tray garnished with sour pickles, three large slices of fresh rye bread are topped with layers of three different cuts of deli meat. Depending on where you go to purchase your Sloppy Joe, meat choices might include roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, turkey, and possibly tongue. After each layer of bread has been adorned with the deli meat of your choice, it’s then topped with a very generous amount of coleslaw and slathered with Russian dressing.

“We prepare our Sloppy Joes with first quality deli meats,” says executive chef Kris Wojciuk. “Each Sloppy Joe has eight cuts. Depending on the size of your crowd, we believe one Sloppy Joe can serve three to four people. For a party of 10, we suggest three Sloppy Joes, two pounds of potato salad, and two pounds of our special health salad, which we prepare with marinated cabbage, sliced cucumbers, peppers, and carrots.”

If Sloppy Joes are not your thing, Livingston Bagel offers a huge array of deli meats, hot dogs, hamburgers, and turkey burgers. Add a container of their own house-baked beans, and sauteed onions and mushrooms, and you’ve got a successful party.

Once a tiny mom and pop bagel shop, Livingston Bagel has grown into a multifaceted food emporium. Whether you’re coming for breakfast, lunch, or a really early dinner, you’ll find shelves and glass-enclosed, refrigerated cases filled with everything you’ve always wanted to eat. The moment the door opens, you’re greeted with counters and shelves filled with trays of barbecued chicken and ribs, veal, mac and cheese, pastas, salads, ravioli, spreads for your crackers, and even tuna, chicken, and egg salad.

But that’s not all. You shouldn’t leave without one of their very special chocolate babkas, a few black and white cookies, a selection of hand-sliced cheeses, and of course, a dozen bagels.


Location: Livingston Bagel, 37 Northfield Rd., Livingston

Call: 973.994.1915

Hours: 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday; 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.

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