Thursday, December 3, 2009

Closet Case

By Judith Garfield

I’ve recently discovered a great new shopping destination that I can’t get enough of.

My closet.

Diving deep into the forgotten realms of my wardrobe has been rewarding and cost effective. Of course, this is not an original idea. It is an increasingly popular past time for those of us who have discovered we really don’t need to buy a new outfit every time we get an invitation to a party. Take the advice of the experts and “shop your closet.”

I was amazed at the goodies I found. Like that burgundy tweed suit from a few years ago that all of a sudden looks spectacularly fresh. And there are no annoying salespeople hovering over me, giving me that look of disdain as I carefully inspect the offerings. I pretty much like everything I see here. Nothing too young, nothing too matronly. All perfectly appropriate pour moi.

If you are contemplating this shopping experience I suggest the first step is a purge of all those dismal outfits you never wear and probably shouldn’t have bought in the first place. Some people actually hire individuals who come to your closet and tell you what looks really dreadful, what can be resurrected, and what you should buy to help update what you are keeping. Don’t bother. Just corral your BFF (best fashion friend) and together decide what to use and what to lose.

My other suggestion is Honestly, I never thought I could be so in love with a hanger, but these space-saving flocked hangers keep even the most delicate and slippery of tops from falling off. And yet, they are sturdy enough for winter coats. I resisted buying them for years but now that I have them I can never go back. I can now actually find things that have been M.I.A. for months.

To get you started, you might want to pick up a copy of “Shop Your Closet” by Melanie Fascitelli. She’s a professional who will guide you in your attempt to organize your wardrobe and perhaps save you from more unnecessary purchases. As for me, I plan to visit the basement emporium. I haven’t been there for a while and I hear inventory is at an all time high.

Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. Anytime I find a treasure in my closet it's either two sizes too small or motheaten. I do, however, have fun shopping my jewelry drawer! Accessories always fit and perk up even the dreariest of outfits.

Anonymous said...

I do like this idea and it's the right idea for the current economic climate, but I can't seem to curb my "need something new" hankerings. A pair of socks, a hat, a headband- I can keep it small but I can't seem to stop.

Big Shantz said...

that is lovely wallpaper in the back of your closet. any advice for men? who live in nyc? w/ very little closet space? who have no taste in clothes?