Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Year's Wish

By Judith Garfield

My New Year’s wish for me
Is for my best year yet
So, to make this happen
There are a few things I must get.

I want an entourage
Like that guy on H.B.O.
My very own bonafide
Loveless reality show.

People to do my make-up and hair
Would be a lot of fun.
I’d always be perfectly coiffed
For “S. and Loveless Plus None.”

Meals prepared by my own Iron Chef
And a staff to shop, cook, and clean.
I’d never lift a finger
For this fabulous cuisine.

A loyal chauffeur
With a limo in tow
Would cheerfully take me
Where I wanted to go.

And who couldn’t use a spiritual advisor
To keep me humble and make me wiser?

Oh, and I’ll need a resident geek
To help me with twitter and e-bay
And once and for all explain to me
Just what the heck is blu-ray?

I think everyone should have a crew
To do whatever we want them to do.

If you have people,
Well, Kudos to you.
Maybe this year
I’ll find them too.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem! Please let me know when you have figured out how to get your own entourage. I could use one of those.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, LC. May your dream turn into reality. And then, write a blog about it and help all the rest of us peepless dreamers find the good life.

Big Shantz said...

there was a young man leaning on a wooden crutch. he called out to LC, don't ask for so much.
but then she saw a young woman leaning in a darkened door. she cried out to LC, why not ask for more?**
i say go w/ the young woman.

HNY!! & many happy returns.

**not my words

Anonymous said...

A witty wonderful poem that made me laugh. . .

May the Loveless Cook gets her own staff.

Nancy K