Friday, January 29, 2010

Training People

By Brianne Harrison

For anyone who’s ever wondered what their dog is really thinking (and up to during the day when you’re not home) Training People is for you. This book is also for you if you need a really good laugh (and who doesn’t, these days?) The slim tome, written by Tess of Helena, teaches dogs how to bring out the best in their humans, and includes instructions that range from choosing a human (with the pros and cons of men vs. women vs. couples) to training your human to give you want you want (the head-tilt is frequently cited as being an excellent tool, which it is, for my dogs, at least.) Along the way, there’s plenty of advice on dealing with cats (get rid of them, whenever possible) and children (learn to love them—your humans will be thankful), getting what you want, and punishing your humans when necessary. This book is completely adorable, and I’d highly recommend it to any dog lover (or, as I said before, anyone who needs a laugh).

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In other news, a rescue team from St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center recently set out to rescue 100 puppies and dogs from several Midwest puppy mills. The dogs will eventually be transported back to New Jersey and put up for adoption, but if you’re curious to know how they’re doing, St. Hubert’s is reporting its progress on Facebook. Good luck, team!

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