Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mardi Gras Comes with a Hurricane!

By Maureen C. Petrosky

I’m relishing every minute of our snow- covered Norman Rockwell setting. Ice skating, building snowmen, and hanging out by the fire and sipping hot cocoa are the best parts of winter in the northeast. However, considering the endless forest of broken trees, day-long power outages, the fact that navigating a driveway safely is an Olympic sport on it’s own, and that the kids haven’t had school in over a week, I understand that all this snow might be getting to you. So how about a hurricane instead of another blizzard?

I’m talking about the famed New Orleans cocktail sure to warm up even Old Man Winter. While you warily watched the latest batch of flurries yesterday, it’s likely you forgot one of the nation’s biggest soirees was in full swing- Mardi Gras! The fact that it fell on a Tuesday didn’t help the hype either, yet this flashy celebration from N’awlins may be just the thing to kick your winter up a notch.

Both of Mardi Gras’ famed cocktails, the Sazerac and the Hurricane, are surefire party starters; not mention major warmers, as both are serious sips. The Sazerac dates back to the 1830’s. Based on rye whiskey, this cocktail is layered with flavors of honey and spice. While it has a hint of sweetness it’s nothing compared to the sugary rum-based Hurricane. Say what you will about the Mardi Gras debauchery, they’ve found a way to have fun in the middle of winter, and you should too. So whip up a King Cake and a big batch of Jambalaya. Invite your snowed-in neighbors and celebrate this winter wonderland.

An Authentic Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane
(recipe courtesy of
In a 26 oz. Hurricane glass, mix
4 oz. of Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Rum or a good dark rum
4 oz. of Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Mix
Fill with crushed ice
Garnish with an orange and cherry

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