Friday, February 5, 2010

Puppy Bowl VI: The Big Game With a Side of “Awwwww”

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By Brianne Harrison

For some people, Super Bowl Sunday is the highlight of the year. For others…not so much. Fortunately, for pet lovers who aren’t big fans of the big game, there’s an alternative with a huge Awwww factor: the Puppy Bowl.

That’s right: instead of watching 250+ pound men crashing into each other, you can watch 60 of the cutest creatures in the world (all rescue dogs, by the way) wrestle over toy footballs, with occasional cutaways to action shots from the underneath water bowl camera. There’s also a kitten halftime show. And this year, New Jerseyans can cheer on some of their own: two puppies on the team, Duncan (left) and Jake (below), were adopted from All Star Pet Rescue right here in the Garden State.

Puppy Bowl VI airs on Animal Planet from 3-5 p.m. February 7. Set your TiVo and start planning that “tail”-gate party!

Join the Cause
Most of us are looking for ways to help out after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and animal lovers have a unique opportunity to do so. A group of organizations and individuals have joined forces to raise funds for the American Rescue Dog Association, which has deployed several canine teams to aid in the recovery of victims. How can you help? If you have a Twitter account, post the message:

“We're donating to ARDA to support their work in #Haiti. Please help and RT @BRACpet @NorthStarVETS @WedgewoodPetRx”.

The campaign, which started January 25, will continue through the next few weeks. You can also donate to ARDA by visiting

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