Thursday, December 20, 2007

Book Beat: Historic Photos of Jersey Shore

By Jenniah Caldwell

There is no denying that winter is here. The skies are gray, the wind is frigid, and snow is no longer just a vague threat. During the dreary days of the season, the minds of many New Jerseyans will fast forward to the upcoming dog days of summer and of time that will be spent "down the shore" at one of our state's many beach towns.

Instead of daydreaming of summers yet to come, NJL recommends curling up beside the fire with Historic Photos of Jersey Shore. Over 200 rare black and white photographs, culled from national and local archives, showcase over 100 years of the storied history of NJ's beach resorts. The book covers a large range of topics, highlighting images from Victorian Cape May, the golden era of AC's steel pier, cranberry harvests in the 30's, New Jersey's WWII effort, to the Civil Rights struggle.

The author Joe Czachowski, an adjunct History professor at Kean University, uses his vast knowledge of New Jersey history to breathe new life into some of The Shore's forgotten moments. Pick up your copy for $39.95 at Turner Publishing.

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