Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Finds: News, Views and tips...from you!

By Kathy Shaskan

We just made the acquaintance of Cedar Grove resident Christina Deyo, a supervising producer on the Emmy award-winning Martha Stewart Show. Why is she our “Friday Find?” Because we found out she juggles this demanding job while being a wife and mother of FIVE CHILDREN - and they’re all under the age of ten! Just for fun, we asked Deyo to describe a typical day:

5:00 am - Wake up...get dressed...get the girls' school uniforms out of the dryer. Make school lunches.
5:45 am - Hide treasure hunt treats for youngest girls so later when I'm at work I call them and lead them on a fun chase to find the treats. Some mornings prepare breakfast for girls--otherwise it's cereal.

6:00 am – Marinate steak or chicken for dinner (leave in fridge)

6:15 am - Leave for work

7:30 am - Morning meeting
7:45 am - Call kids...make sure they're picked up for school
8:00 am - Go to studio for morning rehearsals
8:30 am (on Wednesdays only) - Call in to Sirius and chat about ‘The Martha Stewart Show’
9:00 am - Morning meeting with Martha

10:00 am - Tape ‘The Martha Stewart Show’
11:15 am - Call home and play treasure hunt with Pauline, Gemma and Rebecca
11:30 am - Lunch

12:00 pm - Production meeting for next days show
12:30 pm - Rehearsals for afternoon show
1:00 pm - Meeting with Martha
2:00 pm - Tape ‘The Martha Stewart Show’
3:00 pm - Finish show...begin reading scripts for next day's shows

4:00 pm - Kids home from school (chat by phone....listen to school day)
6:30 pm - Arrive home...start dinner
7:00 pm - Dinner with family
7:30 pm - Homework with the kids
8:30 pm - Watch TV with kids/and or read with kids

9:00 pm - Prep any school activities (sign reports/projects/etc); Tuck Grace, Caroline, Pauline and Gemma into bed.
9:30 pm - Spend time with Rebecca (she's the 1 year-old daughter); Put her to bed
10:30 pm - Lights out....good night!

Wow…Christina, we are humbled!

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