Monday, December 17, 2007

The Monday Muse: Kayt Hester Lent

By Kimberly Baldwin

Jersey City's "it" girl has had quite a year. Her work was featured in many prominent city places, such as the Hudson County Courthouse and the
58 Gallery, and she was even called in to create a special masking tape installation for the Jersey City Museum's front windows.

Kayt Hester Lent's latest works are images of Jackie Kennedy made from hand-torn masking tape. Why Jackie O.? Lent says she, "chose Mrs. Kennedy because she was such a beautiful woman who lived an incredible life." Lent is right, and her gorgeous masking tape recreations tell a magnificent life story in big bold pictures.

See Lent's work alongside
Hiroshi Kumagai, another JC mainstay, in Sticky Fingers, an exhibit at the Grassroots Arts Facility, 43 Christopher Columbus Drive, 3rd Floor, Jersey City. The show runs through January 19, 2008.


Beth in Little Silver said...

Masking Tape? What an exciting medium to explore. Did you ever see the duct tape clothing lines? Insane!

Thanks for the tip! Love the magazine, Do you have a January issue?

New Jersey Life said...

Hi Beth, Kimberly here. I have seen the duct tape clothing line; have you seen the prom dresses?!

I'm so glad you love the magazine! We don't have a January issue, but you can look forward to a beautiful Feb/March issue coming early in the new year. (And I'll have the issue online around January 7.)